Life is what you make of it. Life is how you take life. If you take life in a simple way, life will be simple for you. But if you take life in a hard and difficult way, life will surely be difficult for you. If life gives you hundred reasons to cry, give life a million reasons to smile. Don’t ask life, “why me?” like Mario Balotteli, tell life “try me” to be able to face lifes difficulties and challenges. Lifes is not birds of all roses. Things will not go smooth all through for individuals in life. Rough edges has to be faced in life. Our reactions to such problems, difficulties and challenges positively or otherwise, will determine our life progression. Spiritually, God doesn’t say that we will not face trials and difficulties in life, He told us that He will surely be with us and see us through life challenges to succeed in life. When life faces us either in a good or bad manner, we must face life back and pay back in our own coins because life is good. Life is not static but dynamic. Life is full of happiness, problems, trust, distrust, disappointments, challenges, road blocks, sacrifices and enjoyments. Life is beautiful.

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