The Place of History in Nation Building (3): The concluding Part

RIWH Award for World History from Africa
Awarded Paper (please do not cite without permission)

Michael Omolewa (a professor in the Faculty of Education, University of Ibadan) has cautioned Nigeria to trend softly in giving preferential treatment to the Sciences at the expense of other disciplines in the educational system. It was the opinion of Michael Omolewa that the sciences, the arts and the humanities should go together for the complete education of the individual. According to him “if you teach a person in science without training his mind and faculty to be humane and rationale, you would probably end up having a nuclear bomb and in throwing that bomb arbitrarily without thinking of humanity”. In spite of the prejudices expressed against the teaching of the humanities (including history) and the social sciences, history remains a popular subject and a regular feature of the curricula from the primary to the university level.
From the above elucidation, we can conclude by highlighting the major role of history in nation building ad ascertaining or solving of societal problems, transmission of culture, creation and maintaining a distinctive identity for a nation, provision of a national ideology for a country or nation, promotion of national integration and consciousness, promotion of respect for the institutions and practices of such a nation, meeting ground for several other disciplines and the promotion of understanding among diverse elements of a nation. From the foregoing and despite the fact that the role of history in nations building which can not be over emphasized, suffice it to say that the major role of history can be summarized to the above elucidation.

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