Practical Christian Life (Are You a Practical Christian?)


II Corinthians 5:17 says “Therefore, if any man is in Christ, he is a new creature, old things has passed away, behold, all things has become new”
This Bible scripture best describe practical Christian behaviours of becoming a new creature dead to old self and old sinful and wayward ways.
If a Christian is unable to differentiate between his/her life before being born again from when born again, it means such a Christian is not truly saved and not a true delivered born again Christian
Practical Christianity and Christianity generally means Christ-like behaviours and manners. Behaving like Jesus Christ in all ramification both in the church, outside the church and in our closeth when nobody but God sees us.
There is a saying that “your behaviour when nobody sees you is your true behaviour and not vice versa”.
It is indeed shameful and apauling that most Christians are artist acting like Saints and gentlemen/women in church and during church service only to go out of church becoming something else in terms of their character/attitude/behaviours.
Most Christians still indulge in old behaviours noticable with them before being born again.
Most Christians find it very hard to depart from their old flesh life after becoming born again or can we call them born against? Finding it hard to practicalize what they belief and hear in form of sermon/Bible study on a weekly basis. They find it very hard and difficult to have a paradigm shift from their old self personality.
Imagine a born again Christian that is still under the captivity of flesh sins like lieing, fornication, adultery, adolatery, gossipping, stealing, back bitting, and even finding it very difficult to help the needy around him (stinginess/acagom).
This is very disgraceful. I understand that we all human beings that are not perfect and susceptible to trials, error and mistakes. But Christ in us brings us near to perfection. The Bible says “with men this is impossible but with God, all things are possible”. This means near perfection is possible. Being a Saint within and outside the church is possible. Being humble no matter what you have done or achieved or no matter your status is possible. Helping the needy no matter how small in your community is possible. Maintaining peace with all around you without malice or quarrel is possible.
All these and many more is possible only if we can surrender everything unto God and Jesus Christ, the chief moulder to mould, shape and reshapen our lifes for us eschewing any form of personality vendeta.
I now put this question to you, i mean you having read this that “Are You a Practising Christian? (Rhetorical question)
Ruminate on this on a daily basis as i rest my case and drop my writing pen at this point.

Oyediji Oluwaseun Babatunde
+2348132148197 oyediji

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