20 Marriages/Relationships That Must Not Hold


1. Fast Food Marriage/Relationship: based on wild lost and foolish love. Lust die. When the lust die, the relationship expires. When the relationship/marriage is based on orange breast, when the babies come and the breast becomes pillow, the marriage dies. When marriage/relationship is based on gyrating bombom and now there is a problem with the backbone, the back can not gyrate again, the relationship dies. When a marriage/relationship is based on ballooning lips, lips that are interesting to kiss and all of a sudden the lips dried off, the relationship dies as well. Liking the shape, size, the way the person walks, talks is an example of fast food marriage/relationship based on wild lost and foolish love

2. Serpent in the pocket marriage/relationship: based on contact with an enemy of God. You know the person is not born again, you know the person has no salvation, the person smokes, drinks and yet you went on with a relationship/marriage with such person. What you have done is putting a serpent in your pocket and at the appropriate time, the serpent will bit. “Be no unequally yoked together with unbelievers”. “what relationship had light and darkness?”. A simple truth is that there is no nice person. The only nice people are people who are connected to God. Any nice man can become un-nice at the slightest provocation.

3. Red Cross Society Relationship: based on accidental pregnancy and abortion. You are not ready for marriage but you are sleeping with a man/boy now you are pregnant. You want to remove the pregnancy perhaps it refused to be removed or you are afraid that heaven will turn against you for taking a human life and so you decided to have the baby. When you marry a wife/husband because he/she impregnated you, it is a red cross marriage/relationship.

4. Thus Sayeth the Devil relationship: relationship/marriage based on demonic consultation from native Doctors, sorcerers etc.

5. Witchcraft Relationship/marriage: marriage without divine clear approval. Witchcraft is rebellion against God and every marriage/relationship made when heaven did not approve is witchcraft marriage/relationship.

6. Syringe marriage/relationship: based on blood covenant/blood vow/blood agreement.

7. Maximum prison: relationship/marriage based on demonic control, domination and manipulation as a result of having sex with a demonic person before marriage. It makes one to be under such demonic domination/control for life without any way out or remedy.

8. Half Bread: it is a relationship/marriage based on the principle of “it is better than nothing”. A bad relationship/marriage is worst than living alone. Living alone is even better.

9. Laboratory relationship/marriage: based on trial and error. Instead of seeking the face of the Lord (seek to be God’s favorite) you are doing random sampling. This type of relationship/marriage will definitely backfire. All these are important because 2/3 of every marriage are now ending in divorce including Pastor’s marriages.

10. Diabetes marriage/relationship: based on financial or material interest. Interest in money and materials alone without liking the man or woman but money.

To be Continued later on (Part 2)

This write up is attributable to sermon rendered by Dr D.K Olukoya (General Overseer Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries, MFM Worldwide) in a Singles Workshop/Church

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