20 Relationships/Marriages That Must Not Hold (Part 2)


11. Angelina to Devilina: relationship/marriage based on satanic prophesy. Thus sayeth the Lord so so person and the thus sayeth the Lord is a lie i.e they are converting you from Angelina to Devilina.

12. Kindergaten Marriage/Nursery School Marriage: marriage in which somebody is donated to one man from/at a young age e.g at the age of 8 they are giving a girl in marriage to a man of 45 years old. So the man is waiting for the girl to grow up. He will be checking the girls body every morning to see whether the breast is making progress/whether the body is making progress. This kind of marriage/relationship is not meant to be.

13. Dark relationship/marriage: relationship/marriage established by Occultic means. E.g the man did not like you, you like the man, then you went to do some charms to attract the man by force. You now find yourself going on and then it will be after the wedding that your eyes will now be opened to reality. In such marriage/relationship, whenever the Occultic power breaks, the marriage/relationship will also break because the man did not like the woman but was drawn by some powers. There have been marriages/relationships like that where man and woman were joined together by occultic powers by force.

14. The marriage/relationship of the stranger: stranger marriage/relationship is a marriage/relationship to a person you don’t know. If you ask question about his past, he will dudge it. Ask about his present, you don’t know what he is doing. Ask about his future, he can’t give you a solid answer.

15. Wipers of tears marriage/relationship: marriage/relationship based on sympathy not love feeling sorry for the man/woman.

16. Bewitched marriage/relationsip/ first day you met the person, you had an accident and broke down/broke your leg. Second day your mother died. Third day your father died. Two weeks after you met the person, you lost your jov. One week to the wedding, you bash your car or your car had an accident. Then you should sit down and notice that something is going wrong. It is bewitched wedding/marriage/relationship.

17. Baby marriage/relationship: marriage/relationship without maturity. Thats why marriage must be between a man and a woman not a boy and a girl. You must be physically matured, spiritually matured, mentally matured, emotionally matured and you must at least be able to look after yourself before you start looking after another person. If as a man your diet is not balanced yet and you as a woman you have nothing to fall upon, you should not enter into a babish marriage.

18. Emergency marriage: no preparation. Rushing into marriage. Emergency marriage should not be allowed to hold.

19. Distant marriage/relationship: internet husband/relationship.

20. Show glass marriage: noisy marriage that attracts problem e.g Prince Charles and Diana’s wedding, almost all the Presidents of the whole world attended the wedding, everybody took holiday in U.K, church service with best choir, best singers, best conductor, best trumpeter, best Soloist, best everything at that wedding but later on after the ceremony, the wedding scattered. Diana is dead now. What is the use of having wedding that will end in debt years after the wedding. Reception is not compulsory, cake is not compulsory, expensive suits and gown are not compulsory but necessary because you only wear the weddin gown for one day or maybe after death if they are not fatter that that.

BOTTOM LINE: you need favour (God’s favour) in order not to make mistakes or being derailed.

PRAYER POINT: My Father, this is my life, appear in the name of Jesus.

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