Tested and Trusted

abraham and Isaac

2 Corinthians 3:15

Except a man is tested by God he can not be trusted. This rule governs everyone that the Lord will have anything to do with his lfe. Our text did not say people should examine us, its says we should examine ourselves. If we are examining ourselves, there must be basis for us to do the examination and the basis must be the yardstick that God has given us. We should weigh ourselves often on God’s scale to be sure we are in order with Him. From our text, a reprobate is that man that was tested, but failed the test. There are ways the Lord tests us, and if we must qualify ourselves for higher walk with the Lord, we must be trusted. God wanted to bless Abraham but He needed to know if Abraham would love His gift more than Him. Abraham got Isaac at a very old age yet God asked Him for Isaac. You may have laboured and toiled long for something and God, testing you, may ask you to give it up. I want you to know that whatever demands the Lord places on you is an entry point into the next phase of His plans for your life.
Sometimes the Lord may want to test your level of love to know how much you love Him more than your possessions and position. If you will be usable of the Lord, you must constantly know Him as the Lord that tests. The Lord may allow pool of wealth to flow into your life and as far as God is concerned, this so-called pool of wealth might only be a fraction of the wealth He intends for you. The Lord may lay it in your heart to sow into His work in your church/fellowship, will you give Him excuses? Will you pass His test? Even the Lord Jesus Christ was not given the name above all names on the platter of gold. He was tested. He could have backed out and we may still be looking for God to send us another saviour. If Jesus was tested, how much more you?
I want you to start dealing with yourself on a conscience platform. Be real to yourself. Ask yourself questions to be sure you are not failing the tests fo God. This is what the devil desires for you but you must stand tall. Whatever you can not give away you can not find. That is why Jesus says that anyone that lost his life for His sake will find it but anyone that keeps his life shall lose it. What are you holding back from God? Can God trust you with position, money, a single soul and children? You must find out where you need to pass the test of heaven. For all of us, there is just one area of our lives that we need to pass the test of heaven before we advance to the next phase with Him. David was first tested with the flock of his father and God proved him before He gave him His people to govern. Joseph was tested through Potiphar’s wife, but he passed the test. Daniel was tested with a position and He did not fail.
The rhetorical question to be asked now is “are you passing God’s test for your life to be trusted by Him and take you to the next level/phase of His greatness?”

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