Motivation and Inspirational Quotes Compled by Oyediji Oluwaseun Babatunde


“When you find somebody playing Goliath, you have to take on the spirit of David”-Dr Larry Izamoje p.35

“It is not the day you plant a seed that you harvest”-Dr Larry Izamoje p.36

“If you believe in what you are doing know that at the end of the tunnel there will always be light”-Dr Larry Izamoje p.36

“A seed must first do down into the ground before it germinates. You must sow to reap”-Dr Larry Izamoje p.36

“If you go into a line you are passionate about you hardly go tired”-Dr Larry Izamoje p.39

“Let the whole world know you as an expert in an area of endeavour”-Dr Larry Izamoje p.43

“The more you work the more you move forward, the more you see greater glory. Of course, success comes with some pains”-Dr Larry Izamoje p.46

“Success comes by applying yourself to your calling”-Dr Larry Izamoje p.47

“Something must give way for you to make your way”-Dr Larry Izamoje p.47/48

“When you work hard and you are passionate about what you do, you make it easy for God to bless you”-Dr Larry Izamoje p:48

“Do what makes you happy and money would eventually come”-Dr Larry Izamoje p.48

“Do not make running after money your first priority”-Dr Larry Izamoje p.48

“Young people should inculcate the principle of mentoring”-Dr Larry Izamoje p.51

Projec, plan, prioritize, practice, persevere, perspire, positivity, pray, praise.

“Champions are people who have learnt to bear pain”-Dr Larry Izamoje p.52

“You have two types of pain. The pain of discipline and the pain of regret”-Jim Rohn

“Always choose the pain of discipline”-Dr Larry Izamoje p.52

“If you don not ‘break’ sweat you will never succeed in life”-Dr Larry Izamoje p.52

“Perspiring also means not giving up when it comes to looking out for opportunities”-Dr Larry Izamoje p.53

“You must be positive in your approach to situations that threatens to stop you from reaching your goals”-Dr Larry Izamoje p.54

“Positive thinkers believe that negative experiences are temporal and that ‘cross over’ times will always come”-Dr Larry Izamoje p.54

“The only one who can tell you ‘you can’t’ is you. And you don’t have to listen”-Nike

“Aim high-there is little virtue in easy victory”-Sir Edmund Hillary

“Once you are going to settle for second, thats what happens to you in life”-Jogn F. Kennedy

“I was taught that the way of progress is neither swift nor easy”-Marie Curie

“It is said that you truly can not tell a person’s character until he is exposed to money, power and the opposite sex-things that high offices bring”-Dr Larry Izamoje p.59

“As a worker, you will face challenges but you must endure and learn”-Dr Larry Izamoje p.63

“I applied myself to it and God said ‘let me do some good to this man”-Sunday Oliseh

“Obstacles in the pathway of the weak become stepping stones in the pathway of the strong”-Thomas Carlyle

“If you would be wealthy, think of saving as well as getting”-Benjamin Franklin

“No one should spend more that 10 percent of his or her savings on perishable goods”-Dr Larry Izamoje p.72

“There is nothing in dreaming but you must wake up to actualize your dreams”-Dr Larry Izamoje p.78

“Do not announce yourself early”-Dr Larry Izamoje p.81

“The happiest moments of my life have been the few which i have passed at home in the bossom of my family”-Thomas Jefferson

Quotes culled from Dr Larry Izamoje’s “Scoring Life’s Goal”

complied by Oyediji Oluwaseun Babatunde

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