Proverbs are always short statements or impression which has to be decoded in order to ascertain its meaning which are of societal values. Every society has its own standards, values and these values distinguishes one society from the other. That is why in some community certain things are allowed while such thing might not be allowed in another clime. There are certain things which an individual can do in a certain community and get away with it but such thing can’t be done in another community without punishment.
There is often a continuous relationship between the dead and the living in traditional society in such a way that even though the ancestors had gone, they still continue to influence the activities of the living. Among traditional religion, there is often ancestral worship in which there is that constant reference to the dead.
In African Traditional society, an individual can’t do things the way he likes but follow the policy of the society. Another thing to note about African Traditional Society is the fact that there is togetherness among the people making them relate in unity which is a very significant difference between African and Western society.
It was the duty of any adult to correct the young ones in African traditional society when they tend to behave in a bad manner/ways but presently, Western influence had bastardised the behaviours of contemporary youths as elders (adults) finds it difficult to correct them when they misbehave.
Advancement in technology, globalization, civilization as well as internet cum broadband penetration has transformed value system in contemporary African society. These has brought credibility of individuals into question as moral decadence, crime, insurgency, kidnapping and rape incidence are the order of the day in our present society. Herein lies the need to inculcate African Traditional societal values into our civilised ways of life to make Africa a great continent.

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