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A boyfriend turned unfaithful and started dating other ladies. The girlfriend didn’t like it and turned amorous becoming flirtatious. She went everywhere with every guy she met but was not cheating, she was just getting even for what her boyfriend did. As Dr. Larry Izamoje of Brila FM do say in Warri parlance, do me I do you God no go vex. You pour sand into my garri, I pour gravel for your own, you carry my stove, I carry your gas cooker.

Has someone ever wronged you and you decided to get even? Is getting even desirable? Should we get even? How far should we go in getting even if we have to? Can getting even or paying someone back in his own coin be cautiously done? Can it be limited? Two wrongs don’t make it right. If you must get even, where is the place of forgiveness?

gbenga ogunbotesharks fc and coach

Now to the stories, recently, Head Coach of Sharks of Port Harcourt, Gbenga Ogunbote and the skipper (Captain) of the team, Odinga Odinga were attacked not by opponents but by supporters of the club. The aggrieved supporters said that they were getting even with the duo as a result of the recruitment of some players into the Port Harcourt side and they disagreed with the coach selection. They just did not like what the coach did in selecting players for the team and how he got the backing by the skipper and they decided it was pay-back time by attacking the duo.


In February 2012, Diego Amando Maradona criticized the then FC Barcelona Goal Keeper, Victor Valdez for conceding a cheeky goal. Valdez did not get even with Maradona but reply came from Paraguay former goalkeeper, Jose Luiz Chilavert. Chilavert launched verbal attack on the then Al Wazri FC coach, Maradona saying that Maradona knows nothing about football. He said that “Footballers have to look after themselves and not get into drugs”. Well nobody mentioned drugs when the matter started but in getting even, Chilavert did not know the lines where to draw the boundaries. In getting even with Maradona, Chilavert also said that “Maradona has done lots of damage to football” and recalled that he even spoke hill of Pope John Paul II. There was a move by Diego Maradona and his cohort to form a parallel players union in world football in 2012. Maradona said that the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) stopped his plan and attempt to have another body that he wanted to call a new players union. Maradona got even with Sepp Blatter when he said that “they (FIFA) worked against us the moment they heard to ensure that the union never saw the light of the day.”


In 2011, the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) suspended Qatar’s Mohammed Bin Hamman and shove Jack Warner aside to pave the way for Blatter’s sole candidacy at FIFA’s Presidential Election that year. Maradona said “I wonder if Blatter ever kicked a good football in his life and yet we have been under the control of this man who has refused to give up power in FIFA”. Looking at everyone in FIFA, Maradona said that “why didn’t they all relinquish their position, take the money they have made and leave the running of football in more capable hands of footballers, I don’t support corrupt people and I will never be on their side. I have always been asked to support them in FIFA but why should I support them?”


In getting even, if you want to have and enjoy your dinner tonight, please don’t invite Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger. After battling verbal jabs thrown at him by Jose Mourinho for many years including calling him “an expert in failure”, Arsene Wenger went physical on October 2013 as he tried to get even by pushing Jose Mourinho in daylight before television cameras, players, and ball boys who were shocked. When asked why he did what he did, he said “I did not push him, when I push a man you will see that I have pushed”. So that was not really pushing but he was getting even.

cantonacantonna and simmons

To Eric Cantona. On January 25, 1995 when Crystal Palace took on Manchester United, a Palace player, Richard Shaw caused Eric Cantona to be given a red card when he retaliated. As he was going down the tunnel, a fan of the team Matthew Simmons threw words of hate at him. Cantona decided to get even and threw Kungfu kicks at the fan and also followed up with some Mayweather styled punches as he got even.

barnes225EA2DE500000578-0-Referee_Martin_Atkinson_shows_the_red_card_to_Matic_for_his_reac-a-1_1424552329621-634x366Nemanja Matic red card

Chelsea’s Nemanja Matic lost his head and saw red after pushing Burnley’s Ashley Barnes. He got even because of what Ashley Barnes did.


In 2006, Zinedine Zidane head-butted Italy’s Marco Materrazzi in a World Cup final. Asked why he got even before a global television audience in a World Cup final, he said that “he was intense by Marco Materrazzi who said unprintable things about his mother, sister and himself”.


In his days as a player for Inter Milan, Taribo West threw his shirt at his coach Lucescu. Taribo did that because he wanted to get even. He could not understand why the coach will substitute him in a game where other players were not doing well. “The fault was not his”, he reckoned but that of the attackers who were not getting it right as that match that was played between Inter Milan and Salernitana ended 1-1.

© BEATE HEINEN, 08.11.03, VfL Bochum - 1. FC Kšln, 1. Liga, 03/04: Sunday Oliseh

Sunday Oliseh


Sunday Oliseh in the year 2004 was released by his then team Vfl Bochum of Germany after he head-butted team mate Vahid Hashemian. They both quarrelled and Vahid called the Nigerian “A Black Monkey”. Oliseh did not like that and decided to get even and gave him a head-but.

weah costa feud_1194989_waehcosta300

In 1996, Jorge Costa of Porto at that time called AC Milan’s George Weah “A Black Nigger”. George Weah could not take it and said “I would rather return to Liberia but before I go, take this one” and he head-butted Jorge Costa.

Have you been hurt or disappointed by someone? Have you been let down, given the short end of the stick, short changed and you plan to get even with somebody? Please don’t get even like the above players as two wrongs don’t make it right. The best way out is to walk out and seek advice from an experienced expert or personality rather than getting even and engaging in violent rift. Don’t get even!